We are constantly exploring sanctions… it may be your job too. The challenge is that there are multiple lists, different formats, many names, and not all attributes are searchable. Simply put – the lists are not always the easiest to navigate.

DRK_LIST provides the ability to search across multiple lists, streamline results, and manage historical searches.



DRK_CACHE is how capable operators set the bar by delivering high. Know what and who you are dealing with.


When faced with the challenge of knowing a payment recipient who has taken extraordinary measures to conceal their identity, searching a sanctions list is far from enough.


Approximately 98% of payments are made to cryptocurrency wallets that are newly created - impeding prepayment analysis of the wallet.


Operational costs of having an intelligence capability are astronomical to do right and maximize return on investment. The reality is that many solutions offer a wormhole of data collection that only the most skilled intelligence professionals can navigate. Even then - the time to make actionable is greatly impeded by the analytical investment.

DRK_MATTR is how victims, breach counsel, crypto-payment processors, and insurers make informed decisions.

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