As of June 2022, it is estimated that more than 80% of ransomware victims pay, and that the average ransom demand is more than $600,000 – a substantial year over year increase from the estimated $120,000 in 2021. That’s a staggering amount of money paid to digital extortionists who have you at their mercy.

If you find yourself anywhere in that payment chain, you have an obligation to learn as much as possible about who is on the receiving end of that transaction, because not all criminals are treated equally. You could be sending large y sums of money to a designated entity – funding activities that are not only against the interests of your nation, but that are in the interest of others, and that are outright criminal.

DRK_MATTR solves this problem for anyone and everyone who finds themselves paying cybercriminals. AFTRDRK enhances your diligence process by correlating the details of an intrusion with a vast collection of high-fidelity cyber threat intelligence and attribution data.



DRK_CACHE is how capable operators set the bar by delivering high. Know what and who you are dealing with.


When faced with the challenge of knowing a payment recipient who has taken extraordinary measures to conceal their identity, searching a sanctions list is far from enough.


Approximately 98% of payments are made to cryptocurrency wallets that are newly created - impeding prepayment analysis of the wallet.


Operational costs of having an intelligence capability are astronomical to do right and maximize return on investment. The reality is that many solutions offer a wormhole of data collection that only the most skilled intelligence professionals can navigate. Even then - the time to make actionable is greatly impeded by the analytical investment.

DRK_MATTR is how victims, breach counsel, crypto-payment processors, and insurers make informed decisions.

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